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Flame has been chosen as one of the first Young Coach Leaders out of ICF's 33,000 global members. She is the only North American coach who received the honor, which is for coaches under 40 years old.

Her vision for mindful capitalism and the way coaching could impact it earned her the recognition after 14 years of practice as a coach.

Her stand for the betterment of humanity through business stems from her early days as an employee of The Container Store, which has been identified as a "Best Place To Work" for 19 years running by Fortune Magazine.

After receiving training and certification from the Academy for Coaching Excellence in Sacramento, California, Flame went on to become one of the youngest Professional Certified Coaches ever. Since then, she has worked with companies like PayPal, TD Ameritrade and Ervin & Smith Marketing and Public Relations to support them in bringing greater integrity, accountability, and care to what they do every day.
Read about Flame's coaching at one of Omaha's Best Companies to Work For

Read about Flame's coaching at one of Omaha's Best Companies to Work For

Click here to read the article in Omaha Magazine.

"The most popular benefit [at Ervin & Smith] is Flame Schoeder—a professional certified life coach made available for monthly development sessions.

'Of all the benefits, they feel this is the one definitely helping them the most professionally and personally,' Mausbach (the CEO) says."

Learn to Shine.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Maya Angelou
  • The improvements your coaching have made in my personal relationships are immense. My relationships are at all time highs and I feel much more love and fulfillment in my daily life. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you for helping me change my life. I look forward to every session and can't wait to continue this growth.
    Phil P.
  • Coach Flame has been an invaluable asset to our company as we’ve navigated leadership and industry changes. She’s effectively designed unique coaching services to support our company’s objectives. It is easy to say that Coach Flame sets the best example of ethical behavior, excellence, and collaboration, which is why she’s able to have such a big impact.
    Katie K.
  • It might sound funny but the thing [Flame] said to me that helped me the most was telling me that I didn’t have to be the smartest or best to live a successful life.

    It took the pressure off me to just be me and feel like I was worthy to make it happen.

    Then I did it!
    Kelly G.
  • Flame is one of the key people I'd put on my dream team.
    Karen B.
  • I feel like I am winning at life and Flame taught me how to play the game!
    Amy J.
  • Of all the benefits my employer offers, life coaching from Flame has made the biggest impact.
    Emily Y.
  • Today I found out that I was selected for the Executive Director in Training Program, YEAH! I would not have gotten that far alone and I know it. You have been a huge part of my growth and I really appreciate you.
    Chris S.
  • Where was Flame 30 years ago?!
    Cheri M.
  • Coach Flame helped me see things about my life patterns and really have some breakthroughs about my behaviors. I love her!
    Erin H.

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