Important Information about Mentor Coaching

?If I'm renewing an ICF credential, how many group hours may I have?
ACC's and PCC's renewing their credential need 10 hours of mentor coaching (up to 7 hours may be in a group setting, 3 or more hours must be individual) to fulfill their ICF renewal requirements. Group hours are a highly cost-effective way to comply with this mentoring requirement.
?If I'm an ICF Portfolio Applicant, how many mentoring hours do I need?
Portfolio Applicants who are applying for ACC or PCC credentials for the first time need 10 hours of mentor coaching from a currently credentialed coach to fulfill their ICF application requirements.
?How long does Mentor Coaching last?
This series of coaching will take place over at least a 3 month time period, so start early! You may spread it out over the 3 years of your existing credential if you already have an ACC or PCC, as well.
?Will Mentor Coaching help me build my business?
ICF credential-related mentor coaching must be directly about your coaching skills and client interactions, rather than practice building, life balance or other non-coaching skills.

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