The Coaching Journey

When you come to coaching, you and I creatively examine the details of your life and uncover points of persistent frustration, resignation, and cynicism, without dwelling on the past.  Once uncovered, we re-focus and design goals and plans inspired by the passion and heartfelt ambitions underneath.  As you act in accordance with these new plans, the light inside you will grow clearer and stronger, making you shine from within.

If coaching calls to you, then you are already completely committed to your life.  You and I use that commitment as the spark to give power to the blaze of solutions and answers that are uniquely yours—holistic answers that naturally enhance your life and bring you satisfaction.

As a coaching client, you are like a traveler on an adventurous journey, outfitted with not much more than a lantern.  As a coach, I am like your treasured confidante who provides thought-provoking dialogue and guidance so that you can use your own heart as the shining lantern to find your way home.